updated, July 3rd   



Program Schedule

Three days of Scientific Sessions, both Poster and Presentations, are scheduled from Tuesday 9th through Thursday 11th. Sessions start at 8:30 am and end at 7:00 pm


Registration and Icebreaker party: Monday 8th at the Venue. Registration starts at 16:00h. Icebreaker party starts at 18:00h.


Social dinner: Wednesday 10th 

Pre-Meeting and Post-Meeting field trips (FT, see above) are being offered

Scientific program

In the tradition of Bathurst Meetings, informal communications and discussions will be encouraged. To facilitate interaction and cross-fertilization there will not be parallel sessions. “Half-baked” ideas or provocative hints are welcome-we want to provoke friendly debate!.  Contributions from early career researchers are especially encouraged. Regional stratigraphy or case studies will not be considered unless contain novel methods/interpretations and/or implications for general consideration and debate. Posters are prioritized over oral presentations to provide ample time for discussion and feedback.

To assist in the preparation of communications and discussions, the following examples of themes/topics are suggested (many others are possible).


Suggested examples of themes/topics

Carbonates as palaeoenvironmental archives.

   Calcite-aragonite sea curve


       –when and how?

      -Were there many short term oscillations?

   CO2 – acidity and carbonate record … links?   

   Palaeozoic corals – zooxanthellate or not? 

   Why are peritidal cycles so rare after Paleogene?  

   Halimedaceans – why so rare? Peyssonnelids and aragonitic sea issue

   Carbonates as predictors of future global change.

   What happens to carbonate systems after extinctions?

What is wrong with carbonate predictability?

   Carbonate sequence stratigraphy: Illusion? Mirage? Not a problem at all?
   Distinguishing Noise from Signal in cyclostratigraphy

   What is the real nature of platform interior successions?


Factories, facies and faunas

   Challenging established carbonate paradigms.

   Carbonate factories: are two enough? Are three better? does it matter at all?

   What impact did the rise of the mangroves have on carbonate shoreline? 

   Implications of the sea grass carbonate factory.  

   Ooids – pisoids - spheruliths, still difficult to understand?  everything about them? 

   What were the heterotrophic bugs eating to make mud mounds?


Carbonate authigenesis and diagenesis:

   What is new? 

   Sparite – meteoric or marine or ?  

   Why do micrite envelopes not dissolve? Are/were they all HMC? 

   Why is there such a lack of examples of mixing zone dissolution in the rock record? 

   Why do bioclasts dissolve late on during dolomitization? 

   Why are some many slope sediments well cemented and what really is RFC?

Problems of upscaling in carbonates: from pore to flow; from geofluids to geobodies

   New trends in carbonate rock physics and seismic interpretation

   Approaches in realistic description/prediction of reservoir heterogeneity

Advances in South Atlantic pre-salt carbonate reservoirs:

   Abiotics? Probiotics? Barely biotics?  Something like travertines/tuffas?

   Experimental approaches and lessons. Role of Mg-clays. Primary silica reefs?

   Early vs. late hydrothermal contributions. Karstic dissolution? Evidence of alkaline soils?

3D Carbonate Outcrop Analogs: Acquisition, Interpretation, Sharing and Publishing

   Novel applications for processing, interpretation, sharing and publishing

   Acquisition techniques or platforms, innovative software applications for processing,

   Life session using any preferred software application.